About Us

The company was founded by John F. Ervin in 1920 and has for over 90 years been the benchmark in Steel Abrasives for quality conscious manufacturing, construction and engineering companies. In the USA, the Corporate Head Office is located in Ann Arbor, MI, whilst high carbon steel abrasives are manufactured in Adrian, MI and Butler, PA. The Amacast range of Stainless Steel abrasives, along with a range of specialist products, are manufactured at the Tecumseh, MI plant, which also houses the Company’s Research and Development Division.

Ervin has been present in Europe since 1993, manufacturing high carbon steel abrasive at its Tipton, UK plant and Stainless Steel in Sprockhövel, Germany. In addition the Company has recently announced that it has commenced construction of a new high carbon steel plant to be located in Glaubitz, Germany. This will enable Ervin to grow its operations throughout Europe where it is already expanding considerably.

The Ervin Amasteel product is the trusted benchmark in steel abrasives because the product can be relied upon to be consistent and to perform at the highest levels of transmitted energy and durability. This is further endorsed by the fact that the Ervin Test Machine is in use across the world, by major users of steel blasting media, and by the majority of its manufacturers, to assess the durability and transmitted energy of the product in an impartial laboratory setting. The criteria for ensuring consistency are set by third parties, the SAE and ISO, not by Ervin. We manufacture our products for the convenience of our Customers, not for ourselves.


Ervin Amasteel works with its Customers to ensure that whatever product is ultimately specified, it offers the best balance in terms of performance and consumption. Our technical specialists will provide advice tailored to the Customer’s specific process and equipment, with the goal of offering significant reductions in total process costs. We let our products do the talking.