Rigorous validation of Product:
Ervin works with many of the largest Automotive names and 1st Tier suppliers in Europe to provide faster process times with consistent product performance. Customers trust Ervin to deliver every time to the standards set by S.A.E. and to partner with their technical personnel to develop the most cost-efficient processes. Our own internal specifications are more demanding than these, and we check production standards exhaustively to ensure compliance and traceability. Production processes are rigorously managed to ensure compliance with size, hardness, chemistry, shape and defect criteria.

Reduced Process Costs:
Ervin Amasteel abrasive blast media has been shown repeatedly to outperform all other equivalent products in terms of the energy that it transmits to the target surface. So it peens more effectively, and customers can run their process faster.

Reduced Power Consumption:
In objective comparative trials carried out in the Ervin laboratory, Amasteel abrasive outperforms other equivalent products by its ability to continue rebounding within the blast machine where competitor material has turned to dust. So for each throw of the wheel, the abrasive makes more contact and works harder. The potential power savings can be significant when compared with other peening media.

Reduced Peening Shot Consumption:
Ervin Amasteel has been perfecting the process for the production of steel shot for many decades. The durability of our product is tested and confirmed daily across the world. So Customers typically find that it lasts longer and they benefit from a reduction in the volume consumed in their processes.

Improved Peening Performance:
Ervin Amasteel shot offers consistent and durable performance for the most demanding of Automotive shot peening applications, thanks to the uniform, tempered martensitic structure of the product which results from Ervin’s water-quenched hardening and tempering processes. The Ervin process is simply a better way to make steel shot abrasive.