Improved Cleaning Performance:
Ervin Amasteel abrasive is the right solution for efficient surface preparation in Fabrication applications. Ervin works with Customers to ensure that processes benefit from our consistent and trusted durability, ensuring effective, thorough cleaning of all surfaces first time.

Air Blasting:
Our grit products, and particularly our Ferroblast range, are proving popular with customers requiring to Air Blast and who are conscious of the potential hazards caused by dust emissions when using some other shot blasting media.

Machine Blasting/Blast Rooms:
The ability of Ervin material to transmit energy, and its class-leading performance in terms of coverage over shotblasting steel, ensures that the most complex of shapes can be quickly treated.

Reduced Abrasive Consumption:
Ervin Amasteel has been perfecting the process for the production of cast steel abrasives over many decades. The durability of our product is tested and confirmed daily across the world. So Customers find that Ervin material typically lasts longer leading to a reduction in the volume of abrasive consumed in their processes.

Improved Surface Profile:
Ervin Amasteel abrasive consistently delivers the profile customers need to ensure optimum surface preparation for subsequent coating processes, providing an optimised mix of cost and performance.