Reduced Process Costs:
In tests carried out under laboratory conditions, Ervin, Amasteel abrasive blast media outperforms other equivalent products in terms of the energy it transmits to the target surface. This increased efficiency leads to reduced shot blasting process cycle times.

Reduced Power Consumption:
Ervin Amasteel abrasive outperforms other equivalent products by its ability to continue rebounding within the blast machine where competitor material has turned to dust. So for each throw of the wheel, the abrasive makes more contact and works harder. The potential power savings can be significant when compared with other abrasives.

Reduced Re-Blast Rates:
Ervin Amasteel steel shot and grit offers a consistent and trusted durability. Ervin works with Customers to optimise blasting processes, ensuring the minimum of disruptive and costly reprocessing activity, so Ervin Customers consistently get it right first time.

Reduced Abrasive Consumption:
Ervin Amasteel has been perfecting the process for the production of steel shot abrasives for many decades. The durability of our product is tested and confirmed daily across the world. Customers find that Ervin cast steel abrasive typically lasts longer, leading to a reduction in the volume consumed in their processes.

Improved Cleaning Performance:
Ervin works with its Customers to ensure shot blasting processes benefit from our consistent and trusted durability. In forges, our shot blasting grit products are the usual choice for the removal of inclusions, offering dramatic improvement in re-blast rates, and attractive cycle time reductions in batch production processes. Where surface peening is required, Customers may find that specifying shot offers an excellent result .