High Carbon Steel

Q. Why does Ervin exclusively manufacture High Carbon steel shot and grit for blasting and cutting applications?

A. Because high carbon steel shot and grit transfers energy more efficiently than low carbon, making high carbon superior in blasting and cutting applications.

Energy Transmission/Efficiency
The quality of cleaning offered by Shot, Grit or a Mix is directly related to its ability to transmit energy to the surface of the piece to be cleaned. Because bainitic low carbon shot deforms more readily on impact than its martensitic high carbon competitor, it will deform on contact with its target more than high carbon. This has the effect of diminishing the transmission of energy from the abrasive to the work-piece, reducing its efficiency.

Coverage/cost reduction
In order to counteract this inefficiency, some producers tend to promote larger shot sizes. This creates a further inefficiency, in that the use of larger shot sizes will tend to reduce the coverage of the abrasive, which will lead to longer process times or increased re-blast. In objective comparative trials carried out in the Ervin laboratory it is the combination of size and deformation which leads to the significant improvements felt by Customers when they migrate to Ervin Amasteel. Some Customers have experienced 20% process cost savings as a result.

Superior Finish
In many applications steel grit provides optimum performance for profile and cleaning power. In order to manufacture grit the shot from which it is crushed must be of a siutable hardness. This is not possible for a number of other manufacturers.

Product Range
Conversely, with its finely controlled heat-treatment process, Ervin Amasteel is capable of providing steel shot and steel grit in a wide variety of hardnesses, for any application.