Ervin Amasteel Shot and Grit
The World Standard for Quality

World Authority:
Ervin Amasteel has been the benchmark for steel abrasives since the 1920s, when John F. Ervin first developed the steel abrasive casting process which is used by all producers today. The Ervin Test Machine is used by all quality steel shot abrasives producers to compare their performance with others. Amasteel is probably the largest selling Steel Abrasive brand in the world, for shotblaster applications.

The Ervin manufacturing process has been established and developed over many decades for the consistent production of a uniform martensitic steel microstructure. This matters because the optimum performance of Ervin abrasive derives from its consistent composition and microscopic structure. Water Quenching the raw product ensures an instant ‘freezing’ of the ideal microstructure. We benchmark continuously and can demonstrate that Ervin product is simply more consistent and superior in performance than material from other suppliers.

Ervin Amasteel takes consistent quality very seriously, testing production standards daily to ensure every bag of product falls within demanding, self-imposed parameters, to verify compliance with SAE/ISO Specifications – as standard. And with Ervin, Amasteel customers know where the abrasive they purchase was manufactured.

Superior Performance:

In tests carried out under laboratory conditions at Ervin Amasteel, our abrasive outperforms equivalent competitors by an average factor of at least 18% for durability and transmitted energy. Ervin rigorously pursues optimum levels of hardness, grading, metallurgical microstructure, chemistry and physical form to ensure that the Customer can trust our product consistently to perform at the highest levels.

Cost Benefits:
Choosing Ervin Amasteel steel abrasive shot and grit provides an opportunity to reduce process costs. Reduced consumption is only part of the story – reduced labour costs due to faster process operation and reduced re-blast, coupled with reduced energy bills and reduced blast machine wear, represent much higher savings which the customer will feel immediately. Ervin Amasteel is also on hand to provide technical support for the specification of the right metal abrasive and to assess any issues regarding machine set-up, thus ensuring total optimisation of the abrasive blasting process.