Certificate Ervin Glaubitz - ISO - 9001 - 2015

25 June 2018

Certificate Ervin Glaubitz - ISO - 9001 - 2015

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Ervin Amasteel Products Improve CIE Automotive Productivity

1 June 2016

Ervin Amasteel products improve productivity by 20% for CIE Automotive in Legazpi, Spain

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Certificate Ervin Glaubitz - ISO - 50001 - 2011

21 August 2015

Certificate Ervin Glaubitz - ISO - 50001 - 2011

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European Funding

27 March 2015

Construction of the Ervin Amasteel Glaubitz Plant

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Ervin Steel Abrasives Made In Germany

15 October 2014

Ervin Steel Abrasives Made In Germany

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Changing Abrasives Leads To Increased Productivity

21 August 2014

Changing Abrasives Leads To Increased Productivity

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A Matter Of Cleanliness - The Use Of Steel Abrasives In Agricultural Engineering

12 February 2014

A matter of cleanliness
The use of steel abrasives in agricultural engineering
Mention agricultural soil cultivating machines, and the image that automatically comes to mind is a machine that has to battle its way through soil, dirt and clay. However, the importance of cleanliness during the production of these machines is not up for debate at BBG Bodenbearbeitungsgeräte Leipzig GmbH & Co. KG, a subsidiary of the Amazone Group in Leipzig.

"We need our workpieces to have clean surfaces in order to enable paints and coatings to be properly applied later on", explains Peter Sambale, Head of Quality Management at BBG. The cleanliness of all surfaces to be machined has been particularly important to the company that has specialised in the manufacture of towed soil cultivating machines and crop protection sprayers since 2005. During that year, environmental legislation for the reduction of solvents in paints and coatings (VOCs) came into force. For BBG, that meant having to reduce its solvent consumption to considerably less than 15 tonnes per annum. Trials using coatings with a lower solvent content proved unsuccessful. The long drying time and inferior quality of application were unacceptable for BBG. So another approach had to be taken. "The cleanliness of the surfaces to be coated has a determining influence on the solvent content of the base coat so we were able to improve our VOC levels by optimising our precleaning processes", says Sambale.

The different states in which the steel arrives in Leipzig constitute the main problem. But the surfaces need to be clean not just so that they can be coated but also so that they can be welded, as the welding robots used need conditions to remain as constant as possible. Otherwise, different resistances caused by the surfaces not being cleaned properly can cause arc breakages which can result in the disruption of the welding process. In addition, rust, scale and oil can cause inadmissible weld flaws (cracks and pores). Sharp edges – so-called “slag beards” – and scale on the cutting surface that can be caused by plasma cutting also have to be removed before further processing is carried out.

BBG has a roller conveyor blast machine for removing scale and rust. In order to achieve optimal results with this machine, various series of tests were carried out at the beginning of the year over a period of several months under the same conditions using two different steel shot abrasives. Tests were carried out using workpieces typical of the ones machined by BBG.

Frank Meißner, foreman at BBG, was eager to see optimum results, not only to make the subsequent task of paint application easier but also to save time during further processing: "We used plasma-cut workpieces, profiles heavily coated with scale and thin laser-cut sheets for our tests." The degree of cleaning achieved as well as the amount of abrasive used and machine wear in relation to number of workpieces blasted were assessed. Any deformation (in respect of flatness) of the thinner parts with the same blast parameters (position, belt speed + wheel speed of rotation) was also determined.

After the various series of tests had been carried out, BBG made the decision to stick with S390 abrasive produced by Ervin Amasteel. Compared with the low carbon steel abrasive, the Leipzig company found Amasteel to be preferable in various respects. Frank Meißner discovered that better results were achieved with all the workpiece surfaces cleaned by being blasted with Amasteel product. The final report stated the following: "The steel abrasive produced by Ervin Amasteel is harder, and more efficient energy transfer is achieved during blasting. A higher level of deformation was not found to have occurred in the thinner pieces. It removes rust and scale more thoroughly and quickly and has a longer service life in respect of the numbers of workpieces blasted".

It was also emphasised that Ervin Amasteel steel shot was much more uniform in terms of shape and size than the competitive product tested. This fact also contributes towards ensuring a noticeable reduction in the amount of blast abrasive used.

So as far as the Maintenance and Quality Assurance teams at BBG were concerned, there was no question as to which product they should choose, and they naturally went for Ervin Amasteel abrasive. Plant manager Jorg Pollex didn't need much convincing: "In this case, the factors which played a decisive role in shaping our decision were economy, time and quality."

BBG Bodenbearbeitungsgeräte Leipzig GmbH & Co. KG

Ervin Amasteel

Ervin Industries Announces New Amasteel Plant

21 October 2013

Ervin Industries is pleased to announce the planned construction of a new Amasteel abrasive manufacturing facility to support its ambitious growth strategy in Europe. The Company has acquired 100.000m2 of land in Glaubitz, Saxony, Germany, and preparations are underway to complete work in as short a timeframe as possible. The 92 year old world leader in the manufacture and distribution of cast steel and stainless steel abrasives needs the additional capacity to meet projected requirements for its product, which is the market leader in North America and is increasingly the product of choice for discerning customers in Europe.

Company President, John Pearson, commented: “Ervin is a Company that prides itself on consistently supporting its customers with professionalism and integrity. This plant will bring this philosophy closer to markets where we are already seeing an increase in sales – we’re excited to see how the future develops!”

The new factory will produce Ervin’s market leading Amasteel cast steel abrasive and employ over 40 people. An early 2014 startup is planned.

Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA, Ervin Industries maintains Amasteel manufacturing facilities in Tipton, UK; Adrian, MI and Butler, PA USA; Amachrome stainless steel in Sprockhövel, Germany; and Amacast stainless steel and speciality powders at Ervin Technologies in Tecumseh, MI USA.

Richtfest New Glaubitz facility

1 October 2013

Richtfest New Glaubitz facility
1 Oct
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Ervin Amasteel – a Success Story with a perfect finish.

The Steel Abrasives business defines the highs and lows of European Manufacturing over recent years, with its wide range of applications including automotive, structural steel, foundry and forge operations amongst other less obvious processes such as granite cutting and road and rail surface preparation.

One company has bucked the trend, showing impressive year-on-year growth and an ever-extending export order book: Ervin Amasteel continues to grow using the simple model of saving the customer’s process costs: Right Specification + Best Performing Product = Less product consumed/less electricity consumed/faster line speed/ reduced surface coating costs.

This approach has been so successful that Ervin has now taken the bold step to increase its capacity significantly. The current plant at Tipton, UK is to be supplemented by a brand new plant in Germany, at a time when other manufacturers are closing their plants.

The new 10,000m2 Glaubitz steel abrasives production facility, near Dresden, has risen from a green field site to the topping out ceremony in just six months.

In July, Ervin invited a number of key customers and officials to witness the celebration of the completion of this latest phase of the new development. Saxony's Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich, U.S. Consul General Mark J. Powell, Mayor of Glaubitz Lutz Thiemig and numerous other guests were invited to the ceremony by John E. Pearson, President of Ervin Industries, and the future plant manager Mike Schwartz.

First production remains on schedule for trials end-2013 followed by production in the first quarter of 2014. The €30 million investment in the East German location will initially create 36 new jobs. Later, the workforce will be expanded to 70 and by 2020 to 90 employees.

The result will be a Company with the capacity to support a wider geographical range of customers, and the right products and people to ensure that manufacturing gets the job done efficiently and effectively.

Ervin Amasteel abrasive is the global product of choice for leading steel, automotive and aerospace industries, for the removal of scale and rust, and for use in granite cutting operations.

Ervin Industries has three plants in the U.S. where they are the leading provider in this sector. Europe is currently supplied from a facility in Tipton, UK. Now Glaubitz will supply Central and Eastern European regions, adding a further annual production capability of approx. 60,000t.of material.

Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA, Ervin Industries maintains Amasteel manufacturing facilities in Tipton, UK; Adrian, MI and Butler, PA USA; Amachrome stainless steel in Sprockhövel, Germany; and Amacast stainless steel and speciality powders at Ervin Technologies in Tecumseh, MI USA.

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Spot Check Kit

28 June 2013

A unique device developed by Ervin Industries to help maintain a balanced abrasive work-mix. Using the ERVIN SPOT CHECK is the first and most important step toward achieving world-class finish and simultaneously attaining maximum equipment throughput and the lowest possible operating costs.

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