Our Products

Ervin Amasteel’s reputation is founded upon the consistency and class-leading performance of its products. Through our abrasives we offer a highly dependable service which is the benchmark in the industry. This is why almost all steel Shot and Grit manufacturers use the Ervin Test Machine to evaluate their product.

Not all steel abrasives are the same. All Ervin abrasive is however processed the same way, in the same facilities, by the same people. Ervin set consistently high standards so that our Customers know where the product is coming from and can trust Amasteel to deliver every time.

The story starts with rigorous raw material selection. The chemical and structural characteristics of abrasive are key for optimum performance. Ervin never cuts corners, for example when Ferro Alloy pricing might be high, because we recognise the cost of inconsistency to our Customers. Ervin Amasteel test on a daily basis to validate our product, both against ourselves and other manufacturers.

The key to the uniform, tempered Martensite that is at the heart of Ervin’s exceptional performance is the finely controlled efficiency of the water atomising process. This is further enhanced by the heat treatment process which is also water-quenched, providing a rapid temperature drop. The resulting structure has highly consistent characteristics. Only manufacturing facilities set up by Ervin use this process.

And lastly, Ervin abide by the specification requirements of SAE and ISO, where others choose to manufacture to their own standards. Our product is supplied for the convenience of our Customers, not for ourselves.

High Carbon Steel