Ervin Amasteel product comes exclusively from Ervin Amasteel production facilities, all of which manufacture to the same high standards using the same processes. So when Customers see the Ervin logo they can be certain what they are using is genuine.

Our packaging is offered in four different forms:

Paper Bags
Delivered by the tonne (net), 40 x 25kg paper sacks (twin thickness, plus polymer liner) with cardboard covering lid on a wooden Euro-pallet – bound and shrink-wrapped.

Bulk Bags:
1.0 tonne, 1.2 tonne or 1.5 tonne net lined bulk bag on wooden Euro-pallet – bound and polythene covered

Steel Drums:
Two Steel Drums on wooden pallet – bound and polythene covered. 1.4 tonne to 1.8 tonne net, depending upon material ordered.

Cardboard Octagon

1.0 tonne net weight, supplied on wooden pallet – shrink-wrapped