Our Customers require the fastest, smoothest cutting performance provided by durable and consistent material.
Ervin Amasteel has undertaken a significant development programme in this area, to ensure that our product offers:

Leading kg/m2 performance, for reduced costs:
Ervin Amasteel Amacut is specifically designed and manufactured for the stone cutting industry. Its hardness is rigorously controlled to ensure that it performs consistently and efficiently, cut after cut.

Exceptional durability , for optimum cutting efficiency:
Ervin Amasteel Amacut is designed to find the perfect balance between hardness for cutting performance, and durability, for low consumption characteristics. The product has been specifically developed to ensure that its performance brings these benefits to the customer every time.

Leading product consistency, for improved process efficiency:
Ervin Amasteel sets high standards internally to ensure that product supplied performs consistently to Customer’s requirements.
Production output is exhaustively checked for compliance with size, hardness, chemistry, shape and defect criteria. Available in a range of configurations to suit all types of stone cutting application, Ervin Amasteel Amacut is the product of choice for many discerning Customers worldwide including those in Spain, Italy, Brazil, India and Africa.